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Your first step is consulting with Heather to determine the needs of your student. From there, we will match your student to a tutor that will be able to meet his/her needs. 

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How do I get a tutor?

Complete the Contact Form on the Home Page, or send Heather an email directly at to schedule a free initial 30-minute meeting. 

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I would like to find out more about The Missing Piece and tutoring. How do I do that?

We provide academic consultation, IEP support, tutoring, Relationship Development Intervention Programming, and transition services. We also are providers of the Ohio Autism Scholarship. 

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What can I get help with?
Other questions?

Complete the Contact Form on the Home Page or email Heather directly at to schedule an initial consultation. 

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Your first step in beginning an RDI Program is scheduling a free 30-minute consultation with Heather. During this time, your questions will be answered and we will discuss the program. 

How can I begin an RDI Program?

Parents receive feedback after each session with a child. Progress on IEP goals are tracked session by session, and parents will have access to this tracking after each session. 

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How will progress be monitored?
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